Vi investerar i onoterade entreprenörsledda bolag

Develops groundbreaking eye tracking technology that understands, assists and predicts human intentions and actions.

A-plus education Group
Largest tutoring company in Sweden helping kids in secondary and high school with their homework.
A powerful marketplace SaaS platform that empowers landlords and property managers to launch and manage their own fully flexible contractor supply chain.
Supports tenant owner associations with a variety of services and at the same time provide consumers with valuable real estate data.
Staffing and recruitment firm focusing on professionals. Has grown organically to be among Swedens top 10 recruitment companies.
Instabox is a shipping service that is available through select online retailers.
Hillclimber is a privately-owned investment company located in Stockholm, Sweden. We have invested in companies from a variety of industries and at different levels of maturity. We are simply looking for great individuals with good ideas. So far we have mostly invested in Swedish based companies aiming for long-term growth.
Henrik Jakobson

Henrik co-founded the staffing and recruitment company Bravura 2008 and served as CEO till 2015 when he became the chairman of the board. Henrik also co-founded the tutoring company Studybuddy, where he today is a member of the board, and the consulting company Helloy.

Henrik has a Master of Science in Industrial engineering and management from Linköping Institute of Technology.
+46 (0)709 749 839
Kristofer Ericson

Kristofer co-founded the staffing and recruitment company Bravura 2008 and the tutoring company Studybuddy a few years later. He also co-founded the consulting company Helloy in 2011 and served as CEO till 2015 when he joined the board. Today he has a tech focus and is a member of the board at Bravura.

Kristofer has a Master of Science in Physics Engineering from The Royal Institute of Technology.
+46 (0)707 569 543